DSE Fair Aalborg

Network with engineering companies and engineering students at Jutland’s biggest job and career fair. Get help and inspiration for your future career. Find your student job. 

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Meet up to 70 companies, 10 organisations and 3 startups. Attend interesting company presentations and have a chat with the company representatives afterwards.

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DSE Fair benefits

Look through our job bank. Get a professional photo taken for your CV and/or LinkedIn profile. Get feedback on your CV. Visit the entrepreneur stand to get feedback on your business ideas.

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Are you looking for a student job or an internship? Want to expand your network? Are you searching for your dream job?

Five good reasons to visit the job and career fair

As a student, the huge number of job possibilities in your future may feel overwhelming and confusing. The good news is that there’s plenty of help available to help you find your career path. The DSE Fair Aalborg is a job and career fair intended to function as a helping hand to students. The fair is primarily aimed at engineering students, but other university students are also welcome to attend. 

The primary focus of the fair is to bring together engineering students and companies. The DSE Fair in Aalborg is Jutland’s largest engineering fair and is held at Gigantium. Here are five great reasons to go:

1. A job fair with specific job openings

When we call it a job fair, we mean it. Every year, students and companies find one another, and specific job openings arise. You may find:

  • Your internship

  • A company that wants to start up a collaborative project with you

  • A student job

  • Your first post-graduation job

4. Career fair with future job prospects

If you’re striving for an engineering career, the key is to make contact with potential employers as soon as possible in your studies. Use the DSE Fair to introduce yourself to companies and other students. You may end up landing your dream job through someone in your network.

Make contact with the companies you already have in your sights and meet new ones. Ask questions to make sure you know what each company is looking for and inquire about any career opportunities they offer. Your career may start with a great student job or collaborative project at a company you meet at the fair – and it may end up resulting in you getting your dream job by the time you graduate.

If you’re already close to completing your studies, the key is to connect with as many people as possible in the companies you are interested in. After the fair, make sure to keep in touch with them over platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. You could even go so far as to plan meetings with people you clicked with.

2. Get help and inspiration for your future career

Consider the fair a meeting place where you can look for help and inspiration for your future career. You can meet companies that are there to help, inspire and/or find future candidates for their exciting engineering jobs. There are plenty of opportunities at the fair to learn about the skills and qualifications that the companies are looking for. You can learn about interesting projects, student jobs, full-time jobs and prospects for the future. It’s also a great place to meet other students in a similar position as yourself.

5. Network with 70 companies and other engineering students

The jobs of the future will go to the people who use their networks diligently. Building up a strong network is essential. The fair is a great place for students such as yourself to expand your network. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet close to 70 companies, including engineering companies, and many other engineering students. 

3. Attend presentations on career opportunities

At the fair, you can attend several inspiring events with company presentations which can help you take the next step in relation to your own educational or professional situation, such as exploring job or career opportunities.


Before the fair starts, several events will be held on campus. DSE will share info about the fair, hand out fair catalogues, merchandise, some food and something for the sweet tooth. During the fair, you can take part in various competitions at the DSE stands.


DSE offers free transport to and from the fair from Frederikshavn, Aarhus, Horsens, Herning and Esbjerg. 

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DSE stands

There will be a number of DSE stands at the fair, including an info stand, navigation stand, evaluation stand and a café area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with the cake you received from the evaluation stand.


You can get to know a lot of different companies who are hiring engineers within fields such as: production, construction, energy, medicine, bio technology, counseling and management. Use this occasion to expand your network and have a chat with some of them.

You can read about all the companies participating in the fair in the fair catalogue.

Company presentations

You can attend several company presentations at the fair. The presentations are intended to give you specific information about what the companies do. After the presentations, the company representatives are happy to have a chat and answer questions if you’d like to know more. 

Fair catalogue

A month before the fair starts, you can find fair catalogues in our stands on campus and whenever DSE is present at an event. You can find a full overview of the participating companies in the fair catalogue. Pick out (and perhaps even prioritise) the companies you’d like to get in touch with.

Read the catalog

Have you heard about Pejling? Pejling is our company handbook for engineering students. It gives you a good idea of what other students have benefit from by attending the DSE Fair. It’s also packed with tips that can help you be well-prepared for the fair.


CV feedback

Along with your cover letter, your CV is your ticket to a job interview. If your CV isn’t up to date or if you’ve omitted the most relevant details, employers will not contact you. At the fair, you can have experts give feedback on your CV before you send it off to employers.  

Job bank

If you’re looking for your first ‘real’ job or a project, you can browse through our job and project bank. It contains projects and vacancies across all of Denmark. You can also use it to get inspired and perhaps find some alternative job opportunities you haven’t considered before. 


Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps you’ve also played with the idea of being your own boss? There is a startup stand at the fair where you can hear more about what it’s like to be self-employed. You can ask questions, get helpful advice and get feedback on your ideas from people with several years of experience in the field. 

Previous and upcoming fairs

Would you like to know more? Read about the next fair and about previous fairs below. 

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