What is DSE Focus Night?

DSE Focus Night is your chance to meet and network with some of the largest and most interesting engineering companies in Denmark.

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You get the opportunity to get up close with relevant engineering companies and have a talk with the engineers working there about their day-to-day work.

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DSE Focus Night on Tour

DSE Focus Night on Tour is your chance to visit the companies and learn about how they work – while also getting a taste of their working environment.

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Every spring, DSE arranges DSE Focus Night. DSE Focus Night consists of evenings where DSE invites companies from a certain industry or field to come and give a presentation. DSE Focus Night always focus on a specific theme in a certain field of work or study. You can attend two company presentations in a single evening. As always, attendance is free.


The evening starts with a welcome. Once everyone has been introduced, the first round of presentations begins. You can attend two company presentations in one evening, each of which lasts an hour. The company presentations are meant to inform you about the company and their daily operations. Following the second round of presentations, there will be a free dinner for all the attendees. At the dinner, you will have the opportunity to network with the company representatives and form a good connection with them. If you maintain that connection, you may find that they can help you land your dream job later on.

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Both small and large companies give presentations at DSE Focus Night. They are based in different regions around Denmark and work in different fields. They share information about the types of candidates they are looking for, allowing you to better tailor your studies in the right direction. You can read about the companies in the DSE Focus Night catalogue before you join the event, so that you know what companies presentations you want to prioritize.

The companies can for example have openings for student jobs, thesis projects, project collaborations, internships or full-time jobs. They attend these evenings in the hopes of meeting potential candidates for their vacancies. You may be just the person they’re hoping to meet.

Attend two company presentations in a single evening

Each evening is typically attended by 2-4 companies. There are two one-hour presentation rounds with time for questions at the end. The contents and structure of the presentations are entirely up to the companies. You can attend two different company presentations in a single evening. In the interlude between the presentations, DSE will be serving fruit and beverages.

Get an insight into the working day of an engineer

At a DSE Focus Night, you’ll get the chance to meet small engineering companies as well as some of the largest in the country, and they are all looking for engineering graduates in Denmark. You will have the opportunity to talk to engineers working on specific assignments in those companies. It also allows you to get an insight into what a typical working day is like at those companies, and who knows – you may even end up meeting your future employer or colleague!


Read on to find out why you should attend DSE Focus Night on Tour.

Visit companies you’re interested in

DSE organises Focus Night on Tour to give engineering students the chance to visit the participating companies at their workplaces. Come along and learn about the company from the inside. After all, it could end up being your workplace in a couple of years.


You will get a tour and hear more about the working environment, assignments and much more from the engineers working at the company. It can give you a really good idea of what to expect and what type of work you’d be doing if you choose to apply for a job at that company.

Talk to the employees

DSE Focus Night on Tour is a unique opportunity for you to have a good talk with engineers working at the company. Take advantage of it by asking a lot of questions so you can find out more about the working life of engineers at a large engineering company.


Each year DSE produces a DSE Focus Night catalogue in which you can read about the attending companies of DSE Focus Night. This allows you to get a good understanding of what the companies work with before DSE Focus Night. Write and print out your CV so you can give it to any interested company representatives. Read more in the catalogue

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