Focus Night Aalborg 2018

Now there is a unique opportunity to meet with engineering companies. This will take place at the DSE Focus Nights. Besides meeting with the companies these nights gives an opportunity to:

  • Meet new and exciting companies
  • Expand your network
  • Get an insight into the everyday life and work environment in the companies
  • Experience how your education is applied in the real world
  • Get inspiration for new direction and opportunities in your education
  • See your future opportunities

Program for the Focus Nights

Focus Night is taking place at AAU and starts at 16.00 with a welcome and a short presentation from the companies telling about their work. Afterward, you join the company presentations. The companies will make a presentation about: which projects they are working on, how it is working as an engineer at the company, and how your education is used in the company.

For the Electronics & IT Focus Night there will be two sessions with presentation, which make it possible to hear more than one company presentation the same night.

Every session takes about one hour. There will be a small break between the sessions with refreshments. After the second session, there will be a buffet and soft drinks. Here there will be an unique opportunity to network with the representative from the companies.

Program for Focus Night:

  • 16:00 – Welcome
  • 16:15 – First session
  • 17:15 – Small break
  • 17:45 – Second session
  • 18:45 – Buffet with networking

It is important that you remember to sign up because we need to order the right amount of food. The deadline for signing up for Focus Night is Friday, February 23.