DSE Online Fair 2021

Join the DSE online job and career fair! 

Date: April 7 and 8

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Place: At the comfort of your own home!

Sign up:

The DSE Fair goes online again this year! This is your chance to get in contact with the business world, expand your network and conversate with company representatives of your dream company. No matter what semester you are on or if you have already graduated, the DSE Fair is your greatest opportunity to find an internship, student, or full-time job! It is also a great opportunity to network with some of the best companies in all of Denmark.

The DSE Online Fair will allow you to chat and video chat with the company representatives, from your dream company. 

How does an online fair work?

An online fair works in much the same way as a normal fair. By registering online you will gain access to a platform where each company has its own booth. In this case, the booth is an online chatroom where you and other students can write or talk directly to the company representatives. Here, you have the same possibilities as in a normal fair.

You can sign up for the DSE Online far for free at the following link:

Explore all the companies and more in Pejling 2021: