DSE Focus Night 2017

Focus Night 2017 takes place in week 39 and 40!

The DSE Focus Night, also known as Fokusaften, is an annual event, which comprises of several evenings. Each evening has its own themes with up to four visiting companies. Here the students will have the opportunity to meet some of the most exciting engineering companies in Denmark. A DSE Focus Night consists of to sessions. The companies will give the same presentation in both sessions, which means that you can attend two different company presentations in one evening. After the presentations, there will be an appetizer, free of charge, for all the students who have signed up in advance for the Focus Night. This will be a perfect way for you to network with the visiting companies in an informal setting.

Is it relevant for everyone?

No matter what stage you are at in your education, a Focus Night is well worth your time. Whether you are a newly started engineering student or a graduate, Focus Night is a good occasion to learn more of the daily work within some of the largest engineering companies located in Denmark and abroad. You get the opportunity to network your way into a great position or to commence a project in collaboration with your favorite company.

The companies are looking for you!

All the companies attending Focus Night invest a lot of time and resources to find the best engineers to fill positions or start projects with. Be prepared and stand out from the other students and maybe you will get your dream job. We hope to see you at the DSE Focus Night.

Where: DTU Lyngby, Meeting Center, Building 101, entrance A

When: 17.30 – 21.00

See the Focus Night catalouge for information about the participating companies.