Information about coronavirus

We are currently receiving a lot of messages from concerned companies, and we promise to keep you updated as soon as changes occur.

In DSE, we are aware of the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19). We follow the health authorities’ updates on recommendations and guidelines and keep an eye on the current situation in the country. We have been in regular contact with the authorities as well as DTU’s COVID-19 crisis staff, which can be read on DTU’s official coronavirus page.

As the current situation is, we will continue organizing the DSE Fair Lyngby 2020. Of course, we will aim to do so in a format that complies with the health authorities’ recommendations to minimize infection as much as possible. However, DTU has currently canceled all events with +1000 people until 31/3. DTU has also canceled all social events, and therefore we are forced not to arrange all our promotional events prior to the fair. We are working intensively to find a solution, in connection with DTU, and figure out whether it is still possible to organize the DSE Fair Lyngby 2020 on the 1st and 2nd of April.

As soon as we clarify the situation, we will notify all participating companies and visitors of any changes as soon as possible.

Regarding the DSE Fair 2020, the safety of our guests – company representatives and students – as well as the members of DSE is our top priority. We have therefore chosen to take preventative measures that we hope you will read with care – and with respect.

If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms (coughing, fever, breathing problems), we kindly ask you not to attend the DSE Fair Lyngby 2020. If you or someone in your close surroundings have in the past 14 days visited one of the countries/regions, which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark advises against either all travel or all unnecessary travel to, we kindly ask you not to attend the DSE Fair Lyngby 2020. Are you in the group of particularly vulnerable or exposed to COVID-19 (older than 60, sick, weakened immune system, ect.), we kindly ask you not to attend the DSE Fair Lyngby 2020

You can also protect yourself at the fair: wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently; cough and sneeze in either your sleeve or a handkerchief; limit physical contact and be aware of cleaning. If you observe a participant, who does not comply with these preventive precautions, then please help them by notifying it. 

In DSE we will, of course, also internally comply with the above-mentioned precautions. This way, our hope is that we together can prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

If you have further questions, please contact us on email: [email protected]. Once again, we are currently receiving a lot of messages from concerned companies please show patience towards prolonged response time on these emails.