DSE Fair Lyngby 2017

160 Career Possibilities in two days!

Students’ Business Relations/De Studerendes Erhverskontakt (DSE) organizes each year Denmark’s largest job- and career fair at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). DSE Fair Lyngby is a job- and career fair that gathers over 160 engineer relevant companies together with many fascinating engineer associations in a large and professional fair area in DTU’s main building.

The fair areas include DTU’s sports hall, The Oticon hall, and two big tents raised on both sides of DTU’s administration, 101.
In total over 5.000 square meters with a lot of opportunities to find one’s next place of employment, a student job or an interesting leisure pursuit.

Why participate in DSE Fair?

DSE Fair Lyngby is your chance to get in contact with the business world! No matter what stage of your education you are currently on DSE has something to offer you:

For students in the middle of their studies, who are well underway in their studies DSE Fair Lyngby can serve both as a discussion about which courses the companies emphasize, as a briefing about which future opportunities the corporate world can offer. Be it to get contacts inside the company or to sweet talk yourself into a job!

For newly started students you have the opportunity to hear about the company of your dreams ambitions and activity, and their expectations to newly appointed engineers and students directly from the company representative. Have you not found your dream company this is the opportune moment to find one or investigate the different career possibilities. Either by going between stands or by targeting fascinating companies, DSE guarantees that you will not leave empty-handed.

DSE Fair Lyngby 2018

DSE Fair Lyngby is held at:
The Technical University of Denmark main building 101 on April 5 and 6

Opening hours are 10 AM to 4 PM

Events during DSE Fair Lyngby

  • Knowledge about the companies is an important factor when you seek out the companies during a fair. Because of this we organize many events and initiatives during the DSE Fair Lyngby, which purpose is to give you a better chance to meet the many companies
    • Stamp Competition
    • Resume Check
    • Resume Photo
    • DSE Jobbank
    • Company Presentations in the Meeting Center
  • Denmark’s largest job- and career fair is not just for engineer students. It is a job- and career fair for everyone! Therefore everybody should have the chance to participate! DSE offers a free ride from many educational institutions, universities and engineering schools in and outside of Denmark! You can read more about transport from the many different universities here!
  • Your opinion is important to us! Therefore we have a questionnaire, where you have the chance to win one of many gifts by filling it out during the fair.