PRE-PAIR is a series of events giving the student an opportunity to get in contact with companies who wants engineers for internships. The first part consists of a “PRE”-event being a bootcamp for the students. After this the students are “PAIR”ed with the companies. Besides these two main events there will be several promotion events, which takes place in the weeks before the bootcamp and the pairing.

Bootcamp for the students: November 1, 12:00 to 13:00

Bootcamp is organized in collaboration with DTU Career Center. At this event the students can get information on how to write a CV, how to sell yourself at a job interview and how to do a short pitch of them self and their competencies.

PRE-PAIR: November 8, 17:00 to 20:00

This evening the students and companies meet. Information regarding the participating companies and their internships is distributed beforehand, so the students can be prepared. During the evening the students and companies meet as a classical speed dating event, where each student draw a number for the companies to go visit. Each meeting will be only up to five minutes long, with the goal of presenting one self and figuring out if it is a match. The students may tell about their study line, interests and competencies, while the companies tell about their work, organizational structure and the possibilities of the internship.