Pejling is a company handbook aiming for engineering students and graduates. A new edition is published every year, with new guides and updated information about and offers from companies. In Pejling, you find guides to write your application and CV, along with information about how to make a good impression at a job interview and similar useful information.

Pejling is structured so that the first section is dedicated to the guides and other useful articles, succeeded by pages with descriptions of engineering companies, including what they do, which kinds of engineers they seek, and what they offer students.

Pejling is made by students for students – so we from DSE would love to hear from you, if you have a great idea, a suggestion, or some other kind of feedback.

There is placed catalogue stands on Aalborg University, DTU Lyngby, and DTU Ballerup, where you can get your own copy of Pejling.

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Pejling is a handbook for students and graduates, guiding you through the jungle of jobs and helping you with your application and CV.
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