About DSE

Students’ Business Relations, DSE, is a non-profit, non-political student driven organization at the Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University, which means we reach out to the majority of engineering students in Denmark.

The purpose of DSE is to provide the opportunity for engineering students and companies to establish professional relationships. This is done through company presentations tailored for students in a specific field of engineering called Focus Nights, the career guide Pejling, and two yearly career fairs, DSE Fair Lyngby and DSE Fair Aalborg.

For students, the DSE events are an opportunity to network with and learn about the different companies. For companies it is an opportunity to promote the company to students, and thereby increase their interest in the company’s projects, and career opportunities.


The History of DSE

We started by making the career guide Pejling, to give students knowledge about “the real life” outside the university. A few years later we started working on additional products, including the fairs that are held yearly at both the Technical University of Denmark and at Aalborg University. Since our start in 1989 at DTU and in 1993 in Aalborg, we have facilitated a continuously better contact between the students and companies, with additional participating companies every year and today the organization is well known by both students and companies.

Images from DSE Fair Aalborg 2015

Images DSE Focus Night Lyngby 2012