What is DSE Focus Night?

DSE Focus Night always focus on at least one specific theme in a certain field relating to a study programme. The evenings consist of company presentations and networking sessions and are a chance for you to learn something new and have a chat with representatives from interesting companies.

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Have a chat with engineers from relevant engineering companies about their work life and learn about their opportunities.

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Perfect your elevator pitch

Before a DSE Focus Night, you can do some prep-work to make sure you get more out of the event and your meeting with the companies. For example, you could rehearse your elevator pitch and/or read through our helpful tips and company descriptions in our catalogue. We also host events prior to the DSE Focus Night and often you will find events where you can get pointers for landing a job.

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DSE Focus Night is organised every autumn by De Studerendes Erhvervskontakt (DSE). It takes place at DTU in Lyngby. Each DSE Focus Night is dedicated to a specific topic related to engineering. DSE invites companies from a particular industry or field (such as management, production or software) to attend and hold company presentations. 

The presentations and networking portion of the evening are often in English. You can attend two company presentations in a single evening. Furthermore, you will also meet small companies along with some of the largest in Denmark and get the chance to make useful contacts at the companies, which is helpful regardless of whether you’re a student or recent graduate. As always, attendance is free.


DSE publishes a catalogue each year for DSE Focus Night. The catalogue contains information about the companies that will be present at the event. It can give you good insight into what the companies do and what kinds of employees they are looking for. It allows you to easily find out whether they are looking for full-time staff, graduates or student assistants. You can also use it to figure out which presentations you want to attend and which companies you want to network with. 

You can also read about the events prior to DSE Focus Night in the catalogue. These events can for example prepare you for a job interview or satisfy your sweet tooth.  

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You can attend two company presentations during a single evening. Each company presentation lasts one hour. You will get the chance to learn more about the company and its daily operations. After the presentations, there will be a free dinner for all the attendees. During the dinner, you will have the opportunity to network with the company representatives in an informal setting. If you end up making a good contact and stay in touch, it may eventually end up being your ticket to your dream job.

Time and place

DSE Focus Night in Lyngby takes place every autumn from Monday to Thursday and always in week 39 and 40. They are held at DTU in Lyngby in the DTU Meeting Centre in building 101. The entrance is through the glass door by entrance A. The first presentations start at 17:30. You can see which focus the evenings have here on our website or on our Facebook page.

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All the participating companies invest their time and resources to find the best engineers for their vacancies or projects. They may be able to offer you a student job, internship or your first full-time position, so make sure to come well-prepared!

Both large and small companies are attending DSE Focus Night. Some of the fields they work in include: Mechanics, manufacturing, biotech, software, consulting, management, communication systems and defence systems. You will gain an insight into the projects they are working on, the skills they are looking for, opportunities for being posted abroad, employment conditions, the work environment and what you could expect from your first few months at their company.

Be prepared

Read up on the companies you’re interested in before going to DSE Focus Night. The first impression is crucial. If you’re well-prepared, the company representatives will see you as a serious candidate when you speak to them. If you bring your CV with you, you can hand it to them if the opportunity presents itself. If you end up having a good talk with one of the representatives, ask if it would be OK to send them an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. You may find it helpful to read through our catalogue and participate in our events before DSE Focus Night.

Is the DSE Focus Night relevant to everyone?

Whether you’re a first-year engineering student or a recent graduate, you’re bound to get something out of attending one or several DSE Focus Nights. A DSE Focus Night is a great opportunity to learn about the day-to-day working life lying in wait for you. You can meet engineering companies that work in Denmark and abroad.

Previous and upcoming Focus Nights

At a DSE Focus Night, you get the opportunity to look for a student job, internship, a future partner for your study project or your first full-time job. Follow the links below to read more about upcoming DSE Focus Nights and past DSE Focus Nights.

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DSE Focus Night 2017

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