DSE Fair Lyngby

Meet interesting engineering companies and other engineering students at the DSE Fair in Lyngby. Learn about job and career opportunities. Find an internship or job. Expand your network.

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Meet engineering companies that may be your future workplaces. Attend inspiring company presentations. Get professional feedback, advice and inspiration for your job search.

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DSE Fair benefits

Find vacancies in our job bank and get feedback on your CV. Get a professional photo taken for your CV and/or LinkedIn profile. Visit the entrepreneur stand for helpful advice.  

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DSE Fair Lyngby is Denmark’s largest job and career fair, where you can meet relevant employers and discuss real job and career opportunities with them. Make contact with potential workplaces and stay in touch with those companies during and after your studies. Doing so will make it easier to land that first, permanent position.

Why attend a job fair?

  • You’ll meet companies that are relevant to engineers.

  • You can discuss real job and career opportunities with potential employers. 

  • You can hear more about the jobs of the future and the skills and qualifications that are in high demand among companies.

  • You will likely get information about companies and jobs you weren’t aware of. 

  • You’ll learn more about fields with good job opportunities.

  • You may also discover alternative job opportunities or career tracks. 

Make business contacts at DTU in Lyngby

The DSE Fair’s main purpose is to give engineering students such as yourself the chance to make contact with companies that could end up being your future workplaces. The DSE Fair Lyngby is held at DTU and is attended by roughly 10,000 students and recent graduates. Over 150 companies, approximately 10 organisations and a handful of startups will be present.

Many of the companies bring their recruitment staff to the fair. If you’re looking for your first job out of university, you may want to try having a chat with one or several of these headhunters.

Some of the things you could ask about could be what kinds of candidates they’re currently looking for and may be looking for in the near future, or what specific professional skills and qualifications they need. You could then adapt your studies (or application) accordingly. Make contact with businesses at the fair and make sure to stay in touch with them.

Do your prep-work before the fair

Remember that a job fair is a fair where many of the attending companies look for excellent candidates for future or current vacancies. They will ask what you can bring to the table. If you prepare thoroughly before the fair, you’ll definitely end up getting more out of it. That’s why you should practice your responses in front of a mirror or together with a friend or partner. Make sure to keep your answers short and succinct.

It’s recommended that you bring your CV, business card or perhaps something more novel that will help you stand out from the crowd. And don’t hesitate to ask if it’s OK to connect with them on LinkedIn. 

There will be many students at the fair, so you should contact the companies you want to have a chat with quickly. Follow up on any agreements immediately after the fair. It’s up to you to be the initiative-taker.

Prior to the fair, DSE organises a Job Conference event where you can get help preparing to meet the companies and specific tools that allow you to present yourself in a professional manner. See our fair catalogue for further information about the Job Conference. 

Company presentations and job interviews

There will be a number of company presentations at the fair that can help inspire you and perhaps answer some job-related questions. Following each presentation, you can have a chat with the presenters and perhaps even go through a short job interview with other companies and organisations attending the fair.

The fair is also a fantastic opportunity for accelerated networking. You can network and make contact with professionals working at engineering companies within your field.

Internship, student job, thesis or work

Depending on how far along in your studies you are, you may be able to find an internship, student job, your first permanent job, or simply inspiration on places you can apply for a job. You might also find the company you want to write your thesis with.

You can also take a look in our job bank, get free feedback and advice on your CV and have a professional photo taken of you.

Startup stand for building entrepreneurs

If you have an amazing idea or concept that you’d like to get some feedback on, you can stop by the startup stand for lots of tips and helpful advice. If you haven’t come up with an idea just yet, you can talk to others with great ideas and perhaps join a group where you have something to contribute.


Before the fair, there will be a variety of events on campus where DSE will share info about the fair, hand out fair catalogues, merchandise and some light snacks and sweets. At the fair, you can take part in various competitions at the DSE stands.

Be sure to also join the Job Conference, where you get specific tools that prepare you for meeting the companies and advice on how best to present yourself. 


DSE provides free transport to the DSE Fair Lyngby from several universities. However, you must sign up first in order to take advantage of this offer. For DTU Ballerup Campus students, there will be free shuttle buses going between DTU Ballerup and DTU Lyngby. There is no need to sign up for the free shuttle bus. See the DSE Fair Lyngby event page or the fair catalogue for further information.

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DSE stands

DSE will have a number of stands at the fair, including an info stand, a Pejling stand and an evaluation stand along with a café area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee along with the cake you received from the evaluation stand. You’re more than welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.


At DSE Fair Lyngby, you can meet a lot of major and/or well-known companies operating in a wide range of fields. You can also get to know lesser-known companies working with exciting engineering projects in Denmark and abroad.

You can read about all the companies participating in the fair in the fair catalogue.

Company presentations

Attend interesting company presentations and get to know what the companies work with. Get to talk with the company representatives after their presentation. Who knows, it may even lead to a long-lasting and rewarding dialogue after the fair.

Fair catalogue

You can find our fair catalogue at our stands around campus a month before the fair starts and whenever DSE is present at an event. The fair catalogue lists all the companies that will be attending. You can read more about the fair and events before and after the fair and plan to attend those you find the most interesting.

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Have you heard about Pejling? Pejling is our superb company handbook for engineering students. It contains answers to many typical questions engineering students have, as well as helpful guides on how to write a good cover letter and CV. It also has relevant information about a number of different companies.

Previous and upcoming fairs

Would you like to know more? Read about the next fair and about previous fairs below. 

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Information about coronavirus

Information about coronavirus

We are currently receiving a lot of messages from concerned companies, and we promise to keep you updated as soon as changes occur. In DSE, we are aware of the situation ...