PRE-PAIR is held at DTU Ballerup. It is an evening with focus on internships. Here you get a unique opportunity to have up to 15 internship interviews in just three hours. All the participating companies are looking for at least one intern.

Only internships for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering programmes at DTU

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering Studies programme at DTU must undergo an internship at a company lasting at least 6 months in order to complete their studies. PRE-PAIR is therefore restricted to internships for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering programmes at DTU. The event is held in Ballerup and organised as a form of speed dating between students and companies. The participating companies all have available internships for the students, and food and beverages are served during the event.

15 internship interviews in just 3 hours

You get short, 5-minute presentation rounds to introduce yourself to up to 15 companies. In practice, you get to sit down around a table with a company in a cosy atmosphere and have a talk. A clock will indicate when your time is up. Once your time is up, you move on to the next company to introduce yourself. Remember to bring your CV and/or contact details and give them to the companies.

Extended elevator pitch

You can share a lot of things about yourself in just five minutes. Make sure you rehearse at home. Ask your friends to help refine your elevator pitch. It really helps to practice it out loud several times. Share a little about yourself, your skills and why you would like an internship at that company. Help them understand why they should choose you specifically. 

PRE-PAIR Bootcamp

In collaboration with DTU’s Career Centre, DSE offers one-on-one coaching and guidance at PRE-PAIR Bootcamp, which is an event held prior to PRE-PAIR. The event includes presentations on how best to introduce and present yourself to the companies.

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Find PRE-PAIR at DTU in Ballerup.
Lautrupvang 15, 2750 Ballerup.

Previous and upcoming PRE-PAIR

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