Pejling 2019

Pejling is a handbook primarily for engineering students, which can help you get your dream job.

This year, Pejling consists of the following articles:

  • 13 articles concerning your study, grades, studying abroad, internships, the many job opportunities for engineers, and more.
  • 9 articles describing how to improve your job application, CV, and LinkedIn profile.
  • 7 articles describing what to say at the interview.
  • Articles from 47 companies describing what it is like to work with them.

We recommend that you first browse through the companies. On page 83 you can see which companies are interested in your field of study. Once you have found the interesting companies, use the guides in the first part of the handbook to write a good CV and application, make a good LinkedIn profile and prepare yourself for the interview (and afterwards also for the life working in your dream job).

If you have suggestions for improvements, or just a comment, we’d love to hear from you.


Pejling 2019 in Danish and English