Engineers are unaccustomed to selling themselves

Stefan Pavic, ­Engineer from DTU, specialized in architectural engineering. Co-owner of the company CVideon, which primarily hosts workshops where participants produce self-­introductory videos.

Perhaps you need to improve your self-promoting skills once you graduate, advices Stefan Pavic, who graduated with a degree in architectural engineering from DTU in 2015. “At most engineering courses, students are taught to apply measurable tools. This means that it is far easier to emphasize your professional qualifications once you start looking for jobs,” says Stefan Pavic, who wondered how graduates might stand out from the crowd. “If you are applying for positions with popular companies, your cover letter will end up in a pile with others whose qualifications equal yours. This is why you need to start focusing on some of your other aspects,” Stefan states.

Alongside a Spanish friend from university, Stefan developed the concept of CVideon, where job seekers are able to practice presenting themselves on video. Once it is done, the video can be uploaded to LinkedIn, personal websites or directly to on-line applications. “Being recorded on video can definitely be nerve-wracking for an introvert engineer – but many companies need the presentations techniques and eloquence of their employees to be immaculate,” says Stefan, who has conducted workshops at DTU and for Akademikernes A-kasse.

“As someone who has recently graduated, you need to sell your personality – and a video can help you do just that.”