Get to know us


Kræn Hansen, IT-engineer from DTU, blogger at version2/Ingenøren. Manager and partner at Social Square (15 employees).

What’s it like, doing a job interview with you?
Typically, you are invited to a job interview, and in some cases more than one, depending on our need to recruit and on whether the position is a technical one. In general, a job interview lasts for an hour, and usually two of us will attend. One of us will focus on general aspects, while the other person will concentrate on the specific area that you’ll be working with. Generally, the last twenty minutes of the interview will be facilitated by the latter employee, who will present one or more tasks, which will be solved using a whiteboard. Here, it’s really important that you focus on letting us know what you’re thinking; so, you should be speaking out loud, explaining to us how you plan to solve the task, while you solve it. Remember to ask questions about the assignment, before you start solving the problem.

Do you check out applicants on social media?
We do that sometimes – especially concerning programmers; we look at their profiles on GitHub. When it comes to graphic designers, we check out their portfolios on, for example,

Will good grades get you a steady job?
Not with our company – good grades show that you have the ability to immerse yourself in a subject and commit yourself to your studies. This definitely makes a positive impression, but other qualifications may also make you the perfect fit for Socialsquare. Low grades may be caused by many different things, and a good strategy would be to let us know up front, why exactly your grades don’t matter.

Will having a child hinder your career?
In general, we’re quite flexible regarding work hours and employment terms and conditions, and several of our employees have part-time contracts, which means that they may leave work early or even take whole days off. Thus, they are able to be with their families on their own terms. We believe people bring every aspect of their character to work, and the birth of a child definitely affects who we are as human beings. It makes you focus on the essential and heightens your ability to prioritize.

How many of the criteria listed in the job ad do I need to match?
That depends on the job ad, but if you think our company sounds interesting, based on a job ad, you might want to mail us a partly unsolicited application and explain exactly why you think we need you.