“The internship has gotten me more hooked”

Marianne Bom & Rie Jerichow, Publicér

Christian Bruun Dam Larsen
Bachelor of engineering in chemistry at Aalborg University and intern at Grundfos in Bjerringbro.

From his working station at Grundfos, Christian Bruun Dam Larsen has a view to the laboratory in the background. Here he logs the results he has reached in collaboration with a colleague. Private photo.

“I am very keen on water cleaning technologies, which I would like to research down the line. When I spoke to some of the employees from Grundfos at the DSE fair and heard that they have an entire department that researches water cleaning, I applied for one of their internship positions and got it.

I have worked with electro coagulation of hydrogen sulphide in sewage in particular. By coagulating the hydrogen sulphide, you can easily remove the hydrogen sulphide through filtering. Hydrogen sulphide has the negative effects that it dissolves the sewage pipes and causes a bad smell for those who have to work with it.

At Grundfos, I have had my own workspace in the laboratory for the experimental stuff and an office space where I have logged the results afterwards.

I have definitely gotten everything I wanted out of my internship. At Grundfos, the interns are treated well. We are invited to all department meetings and other meetings alongside regular employees. It has provided me with insight into what it is like to work in a company, and that was the main goal for me: what it is really like to work as an engineer. I can only say that it has gotten me more hooked, and it has been really nice to gain a comprehension of what awaits.

My internship has given me a network and a good sense of where it might be possible to be employed when I finish my bachelor in April. Otherwise, it is my plan to continue studying the master as well.”