Job after application

Marianne Bom & Rie Jerichow, Publicér

Niels Aksel Madsen was hired as an engineer at Haldor Topsoe the traditional way. He saw the job
listing on LinkedIn.

Niels Aksel Madsen got a job “nice and fast” a couple of months after he recieved his Masters in ‘Operations and Management Engineering’ from Aalborg University, in the summer of 2017.
Niels saw the job opening for a Lead Planner at Haldor Topsoe on LinkedIn, where he would get responsibility for an entire product group. Everything from purchase of commodities, to planning of production of VK catalysts, that are used to reduce the emission of SO2.

The job appeled to Niels, so he sent an application, a resume and his grades, and was invited for an interview before the deadline was even reached. Prior to the first interview, he had to fill out an ability test and a personality test, which was used for the interview. The second interview was with the team. Immediately after, Niels was invited to an interview with the manager.
“I had heard a lot of good things about Haldor Topsoe through my studies and I have worked with Supply Chain Management in the majority of my education. It appealed to me that I could be responsible for the entire supply chain. It is great to be working,” says Niels after a couple of weeks in the job in Copenhagen.

Why did they hire you?
“That’s a mix of many different factors. I made it clear to myself early in my studies which area I would like to work in, and then tried to shape my education, projects, and master thesis accordingly. Good chemistry at the interviews between me and the manager and my colleagues has also been important, and that goes both ways. As the applicant, you have to be able to identify with the company and its culture.”