We read every single cover letter

If you want a career in the Danish Defence, Peter Schmidt recom­mends that you set up a job-agent at

Peter Schmidt, recruitment officer, Danish Defence Personnel Organisation.

Peter Schmidt is accustomed to talking to engineering students about possible careers in the Danish Defence, when he travels across the country to present job options at, amongst others, DSE career fairs. He will meet you in his camouflage uniform, complete with a nametag reading P.Schmidt. Next to him is a naval officer, also in uniform.

As an engineer, you may find employment in the civil section of the Defence or, for instance, partake in management training within the military section. “All positions are posted, but if you set up a job-agent at, you will be notified about the jobs that are relevant for people with your educational background,” says Peter Schmidt. The Danish Defence employs a varied selection of people, but you need to consider whether you want to join forces as a specialist or a manager.

“As a rule, we are fond of hiring recent graduates, and compulsory military service is not a prerequisite.” The management training programmes are combined with a quick course that allows you to complete your military service and become a sergeant. If you are hired for a civilian position, this is not necessary.

“If you find a position that interests you, you are always welcome to call the contact mentioned in the advertisement. This helps you get in touch with the person who knows most about the job you want,” Perter Schmidt continues. According to the particular job you are applying for, prepare to undergo a security check (a so-called ‘clearing’), because you may be handling classified military material. Furthermore, you must be able to speak and write in Danish, but Danish citizenship is no longer required to work for the Danish Defence. Although Peter Schmidt is not part of the HR department, he will gladly pass on some of their tips such as reading through your cover letter, eliminating spelling errors and comments from friends who have edited your text before sending it. Untidy cover letters are stashed at the bottom of the pile or discarded.