You have to tailor your résumé to fit each job

You may use a template to create a basic résumé

Online, you’ll find lots of templates for résumés, which you may copy and use to give your application and résumé an elegant graphic expression. Keep in mind that chronological or functional résumés appeal to experienced jobseekers rather than recent graduates.

No matter which type of résumé you choose to use, make sure to divide it into relevant sections, such as, for example, facts, skills, and results. On the next page, you’ll find an example of the STAR-method, which is recommended by, for instance, Akademikernes A-kasse. Yet, remember there is no one correct way to structure a résumé. Always make sure to check the company’s website for specific demands concerning résumés and contact forms, before you mail them your résumé.

As a recent graduate you have to emphasize your education, in particular the courses that are relevant for the job in question. Many students have done volunteer work, because they could not find a student job during the financial crisis. As a result, they tend to focus too much on this element in their résumés, because they want to showcase their experience. Yet, you should only highlight volunteer work, if it proves relevant for your job. The same goes for your leisure activities and language skills – include this information, if the job requires you to use a different language than Danish in the workplace.
It is very important that you adapt your résumé to fit each individual position you apply for.

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