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Andreasen & Elmgaard

What we do
At Andreasen & Elmgaard we provide highly qualified engineering consultancy within all disciplines relating to project management, GMP compliance, technical advice, production efficiency and process verification in the pharmaceutical-, biotechnological-, medical device- and food industry.

Andreasen & Elmgaard possesses expert skills acquired through many years of extensive industry experience and can contribute with valuable consultancy throughout an entire project - from the initial design phase to the final launch of the product, and continuous process optimization.   We operate within these areas:
- IT/automation
- Assembly & pack
- Clean utilities
- Medical Devices
- Project Management

Our ambition
Andreasen & Elmgaard is aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing expert knowledge in flexible consultancy solutions.

We are a knowledge-based company and we pride ourselves with always being up to date with rules and legislation on the markets we operate in.

We ensure a stabile and reliant project course by continuously being proactive, self-driven and communicative.

Our consultancy services are always based on and performed according to the customers internal procedures.

Working at Andreasen & Elmgaard
Our most important commodity is our employees – and therefore we want to ensure that they are motivated, educated and empowered.

“Happy employees are productive and dedicated employees. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we focus on employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction and profit. Our employees are crucial for our success.”

Tenna Skovgaard Bosold
HR Manager

Working as a consultant it is important that you are quick to adapt, flexible and service minded.

Our headquarter is based in Søborg, but our projects can take you all over the world.

 You can find us on LinkedIn or our website.



Total: 30
Ingeniører: 25

Total: 30
Ingeniører: 20


Generatorvej 8C,
DK-2860 Søborg
Telefon: 70261235
Email: [email protected]