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Brüel & Kjær

Be part of a new global powerhouse

Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S and HBM have merged their activities into a new company called HBK (Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær). With more than 3000 employees worldwide and presence in 80 countries, HBK becomes a leading global powerhouse in the test, measurement and simulation landscape.

We continue to lead the sound and vibration industry, designing and manufacturing the equipment needed to measure and manage every new sound and vibration challenge.

Our technology spans the entire measurement chain, from precision microphones, state-of-the-art accelerometers and shaker systems, to highly adaptable analyzer hardware combined with specialized
analysis software, coming together to form complete noise management solutions.

Why are sound and vibration important?
Every man-made structure is susceptible to sound or vibration. When exposed to geological, low-frequency vibration, buildings and bridges will resonate, and without proper precautions, they will rip themselves apart. When Formula 1 cars and rockets take off, the engines and
frames must withstand enormous g-forces. And while planes, trains, automobiles, laptops and smartphones don’t undergo the same stresses as low-earth orbit delivery systems, they do need to withstand vibration from various sources while meeting sound requirements for both noise level and sound quality. These factors must be considered from design through the product end of life.

Who uses our products and equipment?
We collaborate with aerospace giants such as ESA and Boeing, and we’ve helped ensure that NASA’s Mars rovers survived the journey, from lift-off to touchdown. We have helped virtually every automotive manufacturer and sub-supplier – including Ford, Ferrari and Harley-Davidson – with a wide range of automotive sound and vibration challenges.

A career with us
No matter whether you hold a degree within mechanical, electrical, physics, acoustics, software or another technical degree, we offer you the opportunity to join a working culture with room for applying your theoretical knowledge into actual solutions. Mechanical engineers and physicists simulate, design and realize accelerometers used in high-G scenarios and harsh environments, and acoustic engineers design microphone cartridges and ear and mouth simulators. For these accelerometers and microphones, electrical engineers design low-noise, high-impedance preamplifiers using both discrete and integrated circuitry. Hardware and software engineers design and develop our acquisition systems, using skill sets ranging from ADC to DSP to GUI.

If you haven’t graduated yet…
At HBK we foster future talent by offering a variety of exciting opportunities where on-the-job training is in focus. Whether you are joining HBK for a student job, smaller semester projects or possibly internships culminating in graduate projects, we
guarantee a steep learning curve, continuous support and the possibility to develop your competencies.

Please visit for all vacancies.



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Brüel & Kjær
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