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Danske Bank

Join a community of 3,600 IT Professionals

A career with Danske Bank Group IT gives you the opportunity to work with complex tech challenges in one of the most digitalised companies in the Nordic region. You will be part of an international environment characterised by very high ambitions and agile development. Together with more than 3,600 IT professionals in multiple countries, you will be responsible for digital services used by millions of customers every day.

Our future is digital
We want to make daily banking and important financial decisions easy for our customers. To be a leading player, we are striving to deliver world-class digital solutions. This is an exciting challenge that you can help us accomplish in co-creation with our customers and in close collaboration with your colleagues and external partners.

Financial customers will continue to demand new approaches, and new players will challenge ordinary banking. In Danske Bank, we take these challenges seriously and strive to stay in the lead by providing innovative and best-in-class digital solutions.

A friendly work environment
Our work environment is characterised by global collaboration, where everyone is considered equally important team members. Your educational background provides you with a solid basis that we would like to bring into play in a real-life setting. Our mind-set is to be inspired from the best and give you challenges that will shape the future for financial services. We will help you grow and ask you to contribute with your knowledge and awesome ideas to help us be recognised as the most trusted financial partner.

Intern, student or first professional job?
We value students and the new knowledge you bring. We offer a number of options to collaborate, whether you are seeking a thesis or project topic, an internship, a student job, or your first professional job. Our ambition is to have a mutual good experience with a significant learning and value-adding outcome.

As a student, you could for example be assigned to activities that are important for a team, but not time critical. Your assignment could be to modernise an existing function written in an old technology to a modern technology like Angular and add some new features.

If you are a final year student, it is time to consider your first professional job.
We welcome all newly graduated in Group IT with our Danske Tech initiative in order to support a successful start in your first professional job. 

Explore your opportunities
We would very much like to talk with you – on any subject concerning IT development.

Please reach out to us at:
[email protected]

Or read more about your opportunities in Danske Bank Group IT at: 



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