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FLSmidth A/S

Bringing better solutions to light

Imagine a world without minerals or cement. In fact we don’t think you can. Buildings, roads, bridges, computers, smart phones, electric wires, light bulbs…

The list is almost endless. Without minerals and cement, all these things would be gone. In fact, the world as we know it would not exist. That is just what FLSmidth is all about - Our ideas and technology are an indispensable foundation for modern life.

Together with our customers, we activate our knowledge and experience to navigate their complexity and bring better solutions to light. By doing so, we contribute to the sustainable development of societies with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Driving success through sustainable productivity enhancement
To provide maximum productivity for our customers, our business is founded on three fundamental values; competence, cooperation and responsibility.

Our customer base is composed primarily of global and regional cement and mining companies that invest in new capacity or in expanding, upgrading, maintaining and servicing existing production capacity.

Though cement and mining are distinct industries, there are considerable commonalities and synergies between the two, and we have the unique advantage of being able to share resources and best practices across our cement and mining businesses.

Work as a generalist or a specialist
You can work within a variety of areas and functions such as engineering, R&D, project management, sales, management, finance, logistics, business support etc.

You can also change job within the same area and work on site or at a regional office, or you can move into management or focus on becoming the leading specialist within your area of expertise.

We support your development
You will undergo constant development as our technology, markets and customers are constantly changing. If you have the desire and the ability to challenge yourself and take on the responsibility, we will ensure the right support for your development.

Productivity Provider #1
FLSmidth is the market-leading supplier of productivity to the global mining and cement industries. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with offices in more than 50 countries, FLSmidth delivers engineering, equipment and service solutions to customers worldwide. Productivity, sustainability, and quality are focus areas for FLSmidth and its 12,000 employees. Read more on



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FLSmidth A/S
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