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GN Group

GN makes life sound better

Are you ambitious? Do you want to contribute to the success of a global company and work with many different nationalities in the world of sound?

GN is everywhere
We are a global company that produces high-tech hearing aids and headsets for calls, music and sports – as well as speakerphones and a range of office solutions. Our focal point is sound. We specialize in consumer, professional and medical-grade solutions with the ambition of being the leader in intelligent audio and sound solutions. Our largest brands are ReSound and Jabra – both are available worldwide.

Part of people’s lives
GN Group, GN Audio and GN Hearing is part of everyday life in many countries around the world – whether it is with a headset or speakerphone used in the office space, a hearing aid with iPhone integration, true wireless earbuds or a sports headset keeping track of your pulse with an in-ear heartrate monitor.

Innovations in sound
We have earned our space as a major player through focused innovation in consumer, business and medical-grade solutions. You will find our R&D facilities in Europe, North America and Asia and our headquarters in Ballerup, close to Copenhagen, Denmark. Software, design, audio and acoustics are at the heart of what we do.

At GN Audio, we have created the world’s first active-noise-cancelling microphone, the world’s first Bluetooth® headset and the world’s first wireless sports headphones with integrated heart-rate monitor - just to name a few. At GN Hearing our world’s first legacy include: 2.4 GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity, binaural directionality for leading natural sound, the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming and the world’s first cloud-based remote fine-tuning solution.

International environment
We have more than 30 nationalities working at our headquarters and English is our common language. With many nationalities gathered at one place, we have build up an international atmosphere visible throughout the company.

Engineering Graduate Program
Are you an ambitious engineer searching for a career within a global engineering department? Then join GN as an Engineering Graduate.

The Engineering Graduate Program is an accelerated two-year program where we offer the right candidates an opportunity to develop personal and professional skills in a global setting.

Join a truly global team of researchers, scientists and engineers. Application deadline is April 15, 2019 and start-date will be in September 2019.



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GN Group,
Lautrupbjerg 7,
2750 Ballerup
Telefon: +45 45750000
Email: [email protected]