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JENSEN Denmark A/S

JENSEN Denmark A/S - the Danish part of the JENSEN-GROUP
JENSEN-GROUP assists heavy-duty laundries worldwide to provide quality textile services economically. Through technical excellence, strong investment in product development and specialized industry knowledge, the JENSEN-GROUP is able to plan, develop, manufacture, install and service and maintain everything from single machines and processing lines to complete turn-key solutions. Our partners include textile rental suppliers, industrial laundries, central laundries as well as hospital and hotel on-premise laundries. We have become the preferred supplier in the laundry industry by leveraging our broad laundry expertise to design and supply sustainable single machines, systems and integrated solutions. We are continuously growing by extending our offer and by developing environmentally friendly and innovative products and services that address specific customer needs. Our success results from combining global skills with local presence. 

The JENSEN-GROUP is organized in worldwide Business Regions where we develop, manufacture and deliver a full, innovative and competitive range of JENSEN products to our customers through our worldwide network of strategically located sales offices and authorized local distributors.

JENSEN Denmark A/S
JENSEN Denmark A/S develops, manufactures sells and services single machines and systems within finishing technology that industrial laundries worldwide use to iron, fold and stack textile products. e.g. bed and table linen and also garments e.g. uniforms. 93 % of our production is exported to countries all over the world. We wish to maintain our leading position on the market and are seeking new employees to strengthen our development activities. 

If you want to be part of a team that develops, manufactures, sells and services the best laundry machines and systems, we are the right company for you. Especially if you have a degree in Engineering and you wish to:

- test your skills in an entrepreneurial, small - but truly global company.

- obtain practical experience very early in your career, as well as responsibilityand visual results of your work, which creates value for others.

- explore the direction of your career - with Sales, Project, Design, Construction, Software, Automation or Service.

- develop your opportunities for international assignments.

Please visit our website for more information about our company and oportunities for jobs and internships. Please also visit the youtube channel jensengroupcom.



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Industrivej 2
3700 Rønne
Telefon: 56 94 31 00
Email: [email protected]