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Tech consulting at KPMG

Infused by technology

At KPMG, we are digital pioneers. Our teams are all infused by technology and have innovation as part of their DNA. Working at KPMG means that you will part of a team that is constantly pushing boundaries to deliver high-quality services based on in-depth understanding of data and the impact that it can make on the clients' business.

We are pioneers at heart

KPMG’s extraordinary growth since our new beginning in 2014 clearly illustrates our courage to lead. In five years, we went from a few people to more than 700 employees only through organic growth. We are pioneers at heart, and we know that we can make a positive impact on both clients and society by having the courage to be different and exploring new territories, working shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

We believe in more impact and less hierarchy by providing room and space for your professional and personal growth – your ambitions and dreams. We acknowledge your solid results, your courage to voice your opinion and your dedication to take an active part in developing both KPMG and our clients’ business.


We do not just power old habits and processes - we invent new ones by turning traditional business areas upside-down. We lead the technological development, not just follow the trend. When you work at KPMG you will experience this innovative spirit while working on some of the most data driven projects within the industry. NewPractice means stepping to the age of AI, where we must advance from current processes that are driven by people, supported by AI, to processes driven by AI, supported by people.

KPMG Graduate Programme

Our 1-year graduate programme gives you the skills and expertise to start your career and thrive in a challenging and global environment. The programme starts with a trip abroad, where you will meet the other graduates and learn the basics to kick-start your career. The programme is designed to accelerate your learning and development and consists of structured training and client projects. You will also be assigned a Performance Manager to help guide you and set you on the right course. We are always on the lookout for engineers interested in a career in consulting. The programme is open to graduates from all universities and business schools. Visit to learn more about KPMG and follow our KPMG Trusted Talents on Facebook and Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes peek into life as a graduate.



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