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You have probably already met NIRAS – without knowing it. Iconic buildings such as Dokk1 in Aarhus, the DR Concert Hall and the House of Music in Aalborg are projects that we have been involved in. And even the wind turbines that welcome you at Copenhagen Airport.

You will also find our projects abroad: NIRAS participates in the construction of Norway's InterCity line, the relocation of Carlsberg's Holsten brewery in Hamburg, the construction of South Korea's largest dairy plant and we are laying the foundation for offshore wind in Taiwan.

With our wide range of expertise, NIRAS contributes to tackling some of the greatest challenges of society.

Sustainable solutions – the foundation of the future
At NIRAS, we focus on the future. Being a consultancy business, we not only understand our clients' challenges, we also have the employees and the skills required to create state-of-the-art projects.

Providing our clients with sustainable solutions makes a difference to us because we want to protect the world. Being a global player, we contribute to tackling major challenges and we make a point of ensuring that our counselling services support the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To this end, NIRAS has launched the SDG Capture and SDG Measure tools to help public and private organisations translate the SDGs into specific and sustainable solutions in any kind of project. 

We cover a wide field and are geared to onboard you
With more than 2,400 employees at 51 offices in 27 countries and projects in 108 countries, we cover a wide field both professionally and geographically. At NIRAS, you will see that we embrace interdisciplinary collaboration and value professional expertise and good colleagues. At NIRAS, you will have room to unfold your potential and, we will give you exciting challenges and projects.

We continuously invest in our employees and focus on their development because we believe that more talented colleagues and areas of expertise will make NIRAS an even more attractive company. We hire purpose-driven employees who value lifelong learning from exciting projects and dedicated colleagues.

Whether you want to be a specialist, a manager or something entirely different, you can develop yourself at NIRAS Academy, our development platform for trainees, new employees, talents, project managers and managers. We also offer a wide range of opportunities for students who want to write their master's or PhD thesis or are looking for a student job. 




Total: 2,400
Ingeniører: 1,400

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