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Bring your technical knowledge to life in an industry that makes a difference

Remember the brainy kid you sat next to in school? Well, he’s working for us now. And he’s made a living out of turning complex challenges into quality solutions. If you would like to do the same, you should consider joining NNE.

You learn something new with each project

When Jonas Dahl Pedersen graduated as a bachelor of electronics engineering, his interest wavered between hardware design and automation. He made up his mind, when he learned that NNE was looking for automation engineers.

“I chose NNE because it is a company that specialises in pharma engineering. We design facilities and production equipment for big pharmaceutical companies. It is very satisfying to work on a solution and then visit the customer to see how your designs come to life in a huge factory that produces medicine. I like the idea that – in the end – we are helping people who need it,” Jonas says.

Automating pharmaceutical processes

NNE is a consultant to customers all over the world, and since Jonas was hired in April 2016, he has worked on several projects. Basically, his job is to figure out how to automate the pharmaceutical processes that is required to produce a given type of medicine. “But with each project, you get to visit different pharmaceutical companies and see different challenges, so I always learn something new that I carry with me to the next project,” he says.

Cross-functional teamwork

During the design process, Jonas is in frequent dialogue with the customer as well as a project group of colleagues. They all have backgrounds different from his own – from chemists and scientists to chemical, mechanical and IT engineers. “The cross-functional teamwork is really great. With time, I have gained insight in several other fields, and it enables me to spar better with customers and colleagues. I have learned so much from it,” the 28-year-old engineer says and concludes:

“When you join NNE as a newly qualified engineer, you get all the support you need. You get an experienced engineer as your mentor, and you can always come to him with questions. They do not expect you to know everything. I have always had room to grow and develop myself.”

About us

We help pharmaceutical companies bring products to market by providing flexible, compliant and future-proof solutions. We have close to 1,000 professionals delivering knowledge and best practices, all dedicated to supporting our customers internationally and on local production sites.

NNE is 100 % owned by Novo Nordisk and our customers include Novo Nordisk as well as many other pharmaceutical companies across the world.

Through focused pharma engineering we enable our customers to deliver on demand.



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