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Join us in our tech transformation
The financial industry is changing. Conventional banking is facing tremendous challenges from the development of technology. We at Nordea have decided to see this challenge as an opportunity for change in the way we do business. With a technology department of nearly 4000 people and expanding, we strive to be front runners and change the financial industry. We need talented engineers for us to able to make this change and transform our self - we hope you will be a part of this journey.

Engineers at Nordea
Specialists are instrumental at Nordea and we work hard to develop their potential. We at Nordea Trading Technology is one of the departments of the bank with a lot of specialised engineers. We develop tools and applications for the capital market. Working in close cooperation with the business side, to ensure the best services for our customers. We take pride in developing our own solutions tailored for the everchanging demands of the market utilizing the latest technologies. 

Our graduate programme
We offer an ambitious graduate program for you, who have a passion for technology and a will to learn. The program runs through two-years focusing both on developing your professional skills, through rotations in different teams, and developing you as a professional, through seminars and personal mentoring. You choose your own path as a developer, analyst or a project manager and we will offer you the best environment to hone your skills.

You will through the two-years rotate between projects and teams, so you constantly get challenged and learn. The rotations give you an inside look of the different parts of the organisation, so you can discover were you fit the best in and where your passion lies. You will together with your manager decide your rotations, so you are sufficiently challenged and get the chance to work with subjects and people that motivates you, 

You will be a part of a graduate group of people with a passion for technology, just as you. The opportunity to start in a group of like-minded gives you a great possibility to start building your professional network from day one. 

What are we looking for?
At Nordea we make an effort to be innovative, share ideas, create solutions and broaden our horizons. For this we constantly need new input and ideas from people interested in technology. Our ambitious graduate program, is tailored for graduates with expertise in tech, and who are willing to learn and evolve. If you want to enhance your skills, come be a part of our technological transformation and one of the biggest technology organizations in the Nordics.



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