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Oticon A/S

Do You Care?

Working with Oticon, you will get a meaningful career where you help change the lives of millions of hearing impaired people worldwide.

Creating some of the most technically advanced hearing instruments on the market is not an easy task, but we promise you it is rewarding. Both from a professional and personal perspective.

We are open-minded
At Oticon, you will meet an organization of enthusiastic and open-minded people. It demands strong technical knowledge and professional competencies to develop, produce and market the best hearing aids in the world. However, it also takes dedicated people who have the freedom to innovate and who understand to develop their knowledge together with others. This is why we make room for innovation and skilled, enthusiastic employees who want to make a difference. 

We prioritize your development
It is crucial for our business that we have only the best employees and specialists within areas such as software-, electrical-, and mechanical development. Thus, we continuously focus on the development of all people in the organization. It is your individual talents and expertise that define the tasks you can handle at Oticon and we focus  on you as a whole person. We also offer you the opportunity to rotate internally in both Oticon and our sister companies within the William Demant organization. 

We welcome you in our state-of-the-art development house
Our headquarter just outside Copenhagen has been created to foster daily cross-disciplinary collaboration. The open environment is made for interaction between people, and it encourages dialogue and mutual inspiration. We offer a wide range of clubs, training facilities and one of the finest canteens in Denmark. We are located close to public transportation and S-Trains. 



Total: 13.000
Ingeniører: 800

Total: 3500
Ingeniører: 600


Oticon A/S
Kongebakken 9
2765 Smørum
Telefon: 39177100
Email: [email protected]