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A culture made of skill and passion
As a family-founded and values-oriented company, we have established a people-driven and inclusive culture that provides employees with a friendly and inspiring atmosphere for growth and development. We are a team of more than 11,600 skilled employees across 39 countries, bound together by one common element: releasing the natural power of stone. Our success has always been built on strong teams, with passion for what we do and a commitment to ROCKWOOL’s purpose.

Innovations that makes a difference in people’s lives
Working at ROCKWOOL, you are part of something bigger. We provide meaningful career opportunities that contribute to improving the lives of people around the world. With our field expertise, we manufacture products that tackle many of today’s biggest challenges such as energy consumption and noise pollution, fire resilience, water scarcity and urban flooding. We share a passion for making the world more sustainable and doing our part – from our operations to the end solutions we create.

Empowered to meet technical challenges
As an Engineer at ROCKWOOL, you will be empowered to meet technical challenges to provide high-end technical solutions and ensure continuous improvements in all aspects of our development and operations. You will play an important role in our continued expansion worldwide and can look forward to engaging in projects and helping to solve technical and operational challenges. In our team-oriented environment, you will work among colleagues who are highly skilled and passionate about what they do.

We hire engineers within product innovation, machine development, process optimizations, civil, chemistry, IT, and more.

Impact built-in 
ROCKWOOL has committed to 10 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as our blueprint for building a better tomorrow. Our products contribute to combatting climate change, growing the circular economy and safeguarding the wellbeing of citizens. For example, over the lifetime of its use, the building insulation we sold in 2018 will save 100 times the CO2 generated in their production. Our Grodan growing solutions enabled 76% more vegetables to be grown compared to soil-based horticulture. The acoustic solutions Rockfon delivered to schools in 2018 improved the learning conditions of more than 300,000 students globally.  Make a difference.  Join our team.



Total: 11,600
Ingeniører: 700

Total: 1,000
Ingeniører: 200

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