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Terma A/S

Allies in Innovation

What do we do?
Terma develops mission-critical solutions for aerospace, defense, and security applications. We work closely with national defense forces, public authorities, and international organizations around the world. Terma covers four business segments:

Aero: Development and production of advanced structures for defense and non-defense aircraft and helicopters.

Space: Mission-critical electronics, software, and services for space applications.

Defense: Network and tactical systems, airborne and naval self-protection systems, and electronics manufacturing services for mission-critical defense and security applications.

Security & Surveillance: Advanced security systems and surveillance radar solutions for ports, airports, coast guards, first responders, emergency organizations, and defense forces.

How do we do it?
By having the most important asset of them all – the right employees – we are able to act globally and thereby maintain and expand our prominent market position.

Our employees are truly committed, involved, and strive for excellence. We work together with integrity in respect of one another, and we dare to be honest and share our opinions; our products demand it.

We offer our employees good opportunities for professional development. By constantly learning and improving, we retain focus on the continued development of our organization and products.

Our line of business requires ”best in class”, reliable products, and failure is not an option. We respond to these strict requirements simply by having passion for what we do.

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Total: 1400
Ingeniører: 430

Total: 1100
Ingeniører: 360


Hovmarken 4
8520 Lystrup
Telefon: +45 8743 6000