Get more clarity on which career path you should choose

Pejling is DSE’s company handbook for engineering students and graduates. ‘Pejling’ means ‘bearing’ in Danish. The purpose of the handbook is to help you find your bearing and path to your dream job. Do you want to be a manager, specialist or generalist? Do you want to work in Denmark or abroad? The handbook contains tips and tricks to writing applications, your CV and much more. Pejling is a useful resource you can refer to throughout your studies, from day one to your graduation.

You can find a printed version of Pejling in one of our many catalog stands around Aalborg University, DTU Lyngby Campus and DTU Ballerup Campus. You can also read the online edition below.

An indispensable and effective tool to realize your dreams

Pejling contains articles about student life, jobs/careers and businesses’ descriptions of themselves. There are also articles based on interviews with businesspeople and academic counsellors. The handbook is packed with useful information, and you can use it as an indispensable and effective tool to realize your dreams. You can also use it as a work of reference. Free copies of Pejling are handed out to students at several universities such as AAU in Aalborg and DTU in Lyngby and Ballerup. A new version is published annually in early March.


Guides to writing CVs, applications and much more!


Check out which companies are looking to hire someone like you!


Interesting articles that help you navigate through your studies and your post-graduate career!

Find answers to your questions and get the facts you need

You can find answers to typical questions and stories about the experiences of your fellow students/graduates, which can be a great source of inspiration and a real eye-opener. Pejling is also a handbook aimed at helping you find internships, project collaborations, student jobs and finding employment in your field. You can also read about studying abroad, summer schools, getting pregnant during your studies, networking and how to get contacts within businesses. There’s a good chance that you’ll find answers to the questions that pertain to you in the handbook.

Get an overview and insight into relevant companies

Without help, it can be hard to familiarize yourself with interesting engineering companies that are relevant to your field of studies. Pejling contains an introduction to companies working within a broad range of professional fields. Pejling is the handbook that gives you an overview of which companies are interested in graduates from your specific field of study. It can give you an insight into what fields they focus on and what they have to offer you as an engineering student or graduate.

Write the ‘perfect’ application and walk into the job interview fully prepared

Are you an engineering student or graduate? Looking for your dream job? In Pejling, you can find tips on how to write a near-perfect job application and put together a great CV. The handbook also contains advice on how to best present your academic and personal skills in job applications and during job interviews. In other words, it can help you be as prepared as possible for important job interviews, where you need to have the right answers to the questions.